Powell Sonare PS-705 Flute

The Powell Sonaré flute retains some of the handmade instrument components that are critical for acoustical quality from the Verne Q. Powell Signature flute. Thus, Powell Sonaré flutes feature bodies made at Powell Flutes using the new patented Zinki technology and handmade Powell Signature headjoints. Both the body and the headjoint are made at Powell's Massachusetts workshop.

Every Sonaré instrument goes through a strict quality inspection and adjustment process by world class Sonaré technicians.


  • Handmade, sterling silver, Powell Signature headjoint made in Boston
  • Sterling silver body and nickel silver keys
  • Available with Y arms
  • Assembled in the USA! 


Basic ModelsBody MaterialArmsCountry of Origin*Body PlatingKey Plating
PS-501 Nickel silver Y-arms USA Silver Silver
PS-505 Nickel silver Pointed USA Silver Silver
PS-601 Sterling silver Y-arms USA Silver Silver
PS-705 Sterling silver Pointed USA Silver Silver
Model Options**Foot JointG KeysSplit-E 
BGF B foot inline no  
BOF B foot offset no  
CGF C foot inline no  
COF C foot offset no  
BEF B foot offset yes  
CEF C foot offset yes  
OPTION: Gold Pack Upgrade - Upgrade to an elegant Aurumite 9k lip plate!  Aurumite is created using a patented process that fuses two layers of 9k rose gold and silver.  This unique material combines the projections of silver with the warmth of gold.
Powell Sonare PS-705 Flute
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