MalletKat Pro 7 KS

MalletKAT Pro KS

This new malletKAT 7 KS has a brand new sound engine developed by the world famous Kurzweil Music Systems. The sound set comes from their new PC3 sound library. Quality instruments.....hundreds of them..... now built right inside the malletKAT. We redesigned the amp board inside the malletKAT as well, so now the stereo audio outputs are professional quality balanced outputs with clean pure sound! The KS model has a headphone jack plus two audio outs in addition to two audio inputs to allow mixing in of outside audio sources for practice or performance.
Unit dimensions:  47" x 11" x 2.5"

We offer warranty on our controllers for ONE YEAR PARTS, except sensors 6 months. We offer a 90 Day warranty for LABOR.

Optional Recommendations:

If you plan on using Controller Two on the malletKAT, we strongly recommend that you purchase an additional VFP.  Controller Two can be programmed to sound a different octave, or play a different sound or even control Pitch Bend on Controller One.

We also recommend the Yamaha Expression Pedal (FC-7) for controlling volume, modulation ,etc in real time.

Our KAT 102 mallets have been widely recognized as the best feeling sticks for the malletKAT on the market today!





MalletKat Pro 7 KS
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