KAT KT3 High Performance 6-pc Digital Drum Set

KAT Percussion Ups the Ante

The KAT Percussion KT3 Advanced 6-piece high-performance digital drum set ups the ante with larger dual-zone pads, two floor toms, and great playing feel. With its natural-feeling 11" snare and floor tom pads, 9" rack toms, shock-absorption Kick Tower with 9" pad, 12" hi-hat, two crashes, and ride cymbal, you'll have no trouble making the switch to this electronic kit. An arsenal of 550 studio-grade drum, cymbal, DJ, EFX, and percussion sounds plus 70 kits get you rocking right away. The KT3 USB sound module gives you full control, along with an onboard sequencer to record your hot grooves. 

KAT Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Kit at a Glance:
  • Properly engineered for real drum and cymbal feel
  • Rock out with tons of sounds, kits, and amazing onboard training tools
  • Brilliantly designed hardware ensures hassle-free set up
Properly engineered for real drum and cymbal feel

Get real drum feel with next to no noise from your KAT Percussion KT3 kit. Each of the KT3's dual-zone snare and tom pads are specially engineered to give you natural and familiar stick rebound across the entire playing surface. The cymbals respond smoothly to your playing dynamics. The KT3's ride and two crashes come with boom arms for perfect positioning. At Sweetwater, we know the feel of your kick trigger is a big deal. The KT3 features a specially engineered shock-absorption kick tower with a 9" pad, giving you stability, excellent response, and ultra-quiet operation when paired with the included Silent Strike drum beater.

Rock out with tons of sounds, kits, and amazing onboard training tools

With 550 studio-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds onboard plus 70 drum kits (45 fully programmable factory presets, 25 user), and a comprehensive pad mixer onboard the KT3's USB control module, you get tons of sound setup options. All the sounds are fully velocity sensitive, giving you the dynamic control you need. Onboard reverb and EQ let you further define your drums. A total of 100 play-along tracks and a unique Learning Mode make practicing with your KT3 fun, and an onboard sequencer lets you record your grooves on the fly.

Brilliantly designed hardware ensures hassle-free set up

Get up and drumming in no time with your KAT Percussion KT3. Everything about the KT3 is easy to set up and adjust, so you spend less time fiddling with your kit and more time playing it. Right out of the box, the preassembled drum rack makes achieving a basic setup extremely fast. A dedicated snare brace lets you get your snare pad right where you need it, while the cymbal boom arms give you the ultimate in set-up flexibility. A prelabeled wire harness with included hook-and-loop ties also take the guess work out of cabling your KT3 electronic drum kit.

KAT Percussion KT3 Digital Drum Set Features:
  • 6-piece kit with newly-designed 11" dual-zone drumpads
  • Ultra-sensitive pads for natural dynamics tracking
  • Extremely quiet pads and cymbals with natural stick rebound and feel
  • Double pedal-compatible 9" bass drum tower
  • Three fully adjustable cymbal boom arms for the ultimate in set-up flexibility
  • Larger cymbals than other drum sets in its class
  • Ride cymbal features a bell trigger
  • Independently-programmable, dual-zone crash and ride cymbals to double your kit's cymbal sounds
  • Silent-Strike bass drum beater included
Kit includes:
  • (1) KT3 USB/MIDI trigger sound module
  • (1) 11" dual-zone snare pad
  • (2) 9" dual-zone tom pads
  • (2) 11" dual-zone floor tom pads
  • (1) Shock-absorption kick tower with 9" pad
  • (1) Hi-hat controller
  • (2) 12" dual-zone crash cymbals
  • (1) 14" dual-zone ride cymbal w/ bell trigger
  • (1) 12" hi-hat cymbal
  • (3) Boom cymbal arms 
  • (1) Straight hi-hat arm 
  • (1) Drum rack with mounting hardware
  • (1) Silent Strike bass drum beater

Discover the fun of electronic drums with the KAT Percussion KT3 kit!

Tech Specs

Total Number of Pads 9
Number of Snare/Tom Pads 5
Included Snare/Tom Pads 1 x 11" snare, 2 x 9" rack toms, 2 x 11" floor toms
Number of Kick Pads 1
Included Kick Pads 9"
Number of Cymbal Pads 3
Included Cymbal Pads 1 x hi-hat, 1 x ride, 2 x crash
Included Hardware Rack, boom cymbal arms, straight hi-hat arm
Included Drum Module KT3
Number of Drum Kits 45 factory preset, 25 user kits 
Number of Instruments 550
Effects Reverb
Module Trigger Inputs 8
Module Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8" stereo aux in
Module Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4", 1/8" headphones
Module MIDI I/O In, Out
Manufacturer Part Number KT3-US
KAT KT3 High Performance 6-pc Digital Drum Set
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