Antigua Pro One Bb Tenor Saxophone

Antigua's new Pro One tenor sax is a feature loaded horn: "This horn has the most even timbre and balanced resistance from top to bottom of any saxophone you'll ever play."

Designed in collaboration with Peter Ponzol (professional player, mouthpiece & instrument designer - previously worked with Keilwerth), the Pro One tenor gives many popular features and combines them on one horn.

  • Custom Ponzol Neck Design
  • Vintage Reserve Alloy Bell
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Mother of Pearl Keys
  • Vintage Gold Lacquer
  • Drawn Tone Holes
  • Front F & High F# Keys
  • German Blue Steel Needle Spring Type
  • Waterproof Italian Leather Pads
  • Hand Engraved Bell Decoration
  • Ribbed and Flanged Body Construction


Antigua Pro One Bb Tenor Saxophone
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  • Item #: TS6200VLQ
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